Traits your child needs to succeed

What makes a child do well in school? When this question is asked from the parents they always have lots of great answers: a high IQ, a terrific school, well-run lessons, skilled teachers, a creative curriculum, high expectations and the list goes on and on Continue reading


Why The Kids Do Not Listen To Their Parents

“I call out to my kids many times in a day  but they never listen.”

The frustration on this parent’s face was clear. We were part-way through a recent parenting workshop I was running when the issue arose.

The most common responses you get from the parents while asking the simple question, “When your children want your attention, what do you normally say or do?” Continue reading

Becoming a Dream Child, Its Possible !

Becoming a dream child is somewhat important to some children who don’t think they can live up to their parents’ standards. Here are some advice and tips on how to become that dream child. It is best if you are doing this for your own sake, not to be better than a sibling or for the sake of your parents. Continue reading

How to make Kids Listen to You!

20 Ways To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen

The WAY we talk to our kids has a huge impact on their learning and ability to listen to us.

I have found that there are generally three different ways that parents communicate with their kids. The first one is in an aggressive way. These parents yell a lot, put their kids down and use attacking words. Their children respond in many different ways, mainly by playing up a lot more, feeling fearful, yelling back and ignoring their parents’ constant orders.

The second form of communication commonly seen is a passive form. These parents mutter soft, cautious words and tones to their kids finding that they run riot and walk all over them. Unfortunately these parents are so passive that sometimes when they are pushed to their limits, they suddenly turn their communication into an aggressive tone. Continue reading

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Tips for Preventing Teen Pregnancy

The best way parents can help prevent teenage pregnancy is by building close, strong, open relationships with their children long before they reach their teen years. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy offers these additional tips for parents. Continue reading

Typical Teen Behaviours

The teenage years are marked by trying on independence through experimentation. Typical teen behavior includes many things that seem strange to parents. Dyed hair, odd piercings, strange music and even new friends are all part of growing up for some teens. And some teenagers also choose this period in life as a time to experiment with alcohol and drugs, and sometimes sex. Continue reading

Talking with Children About a Parent’s Depression


If a parent has clinical depression, then inevitably his or her children are going to be affected. The younger a child is when the parent becomes depressed, the greater the impact. Studies have shown that children of depressed parents have a higher risk of not only developing depression themselves, but additional problems with anxiety, academic performance, poor self-esteem, physical complaints, aggressive behavior, problems bonding and difficulty interacting with their peers. Continue reading