Things Dad Do Better…!

Moms are always thought of as a default parent. They are the one’s who care, feed, nurture and protect children. It is called motherly instinct, and it is hardwired in every mom’s brain. It is seen that everybody feels a stronger bond towards his/her mother than father. This is true even in case of animals.  Continue reading


Missing Taking Care of Dad!

I miss taking care of my Dad.  He was in pretty bad shape for quite a while toward the end and required lots of care.  It was at this time of his life that he said one of the most memorable and flattering things he ever said to me. With all of the anguish and frustration and physical pain he endured, he told me that he feels safe when I’m around. Continue reading

Signs He will Make a Good Dad!

It’s no surprise that your dear old dad is on your mind. But if you’re also looking forward to the day when you can give your significant other a Father’s Day card, too, you might want to evaluate his parenting potential. What can you tell now about whether he’ll be a great father down the line? Check out these telling traits.  Continue reading

Dad Activities With His Kids

Being a dad meaning taking care of family and kids and the support them in best possible way.Sometimes it take more time and energy but remember that Dads must spare some time for his kids and involved them in activities which make moments with their kids memorable and worth living  Continue reading

Spending Quality Time with Kids

the dads who really get it when it comes to being there for their kids—are not talking about quality time. They know that it doesn’t usually work to schedule quality time. Most often, the quality time is unexpected—it just happens when you’re practicing a sport, riding in the car or eating a meal together, investing quantity time in the relationship with your kids.

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It is tough being a Dad but It’s Worth every Second !

As a dad you have many responsibilities to your family.  You have to earn a living, take care of the home, and make sure the kids are fed, clean, and have done their homework.  On weekends you are busy with handyman projects and grocery shopping.  You also play taxi driver, taking the kids back and forth to after school activities and play dates.

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