What are the Chores for Kids?

Chores for Toddlers

It’s never too early to begin, but let’s be realistic. Do not expect a toddler to do any “chore” on his own, but you can gently encourage his helping spirit. Here’s how: Continue reading


Why The Kids Do Not Listen To Their Parents

“I call out to my kids many times in a day  but they never listen.”

The frustration on this parent’s face was clear. We were part-way through a recent parenting workshop I was running when the issue arose.

The most common responses you get from the parents while asking the simple question, “When your children want your attention, what do you normally say or do?” Continue reading

Teaching Good Manners to Your Children

We all know those children.

The ones who say please and thank you. Who share without whining. Who ask to be excused before they leave the table.

Sometimes they’re our very own children, behaving in a way that reminds us we’re doing something right. But other times, those same kids are melting down at Chili’s or using their fingers as tools for nasal exploration. Continue reading

Helping Kids To Listen and Respond!

As parents we spend so much of our time talking to our kids — and then wonder why they don’t seem to hear us. In heated moments, we find ourselves stuck in power struggles, but can’t figure out what to say to stop the fighting. Sometimes we just don’t know how to answer a tough question. Continue reading

Helping children react to the thought of a parent’s death


Each child reacts to this complicated and heartbreaking issue in their own way. The answer depends on many factors, such as the child’s personality, his or her relationship to the sick parent, the age of the child, his or her maturity, and the child’s developmental needs—along with how close or distant the death is. Continue reading

How To Be A Better Dad?

It is always trend that mother  do most of the work in the kids upbringing but the role of father is  not that much noticed and the hard work care and attention is a major role in kids development.Care for your fathers cause your never  know when they will be no more .Dad role is bringing the upbringing of kids  is an on going process. There are always chances for improvement.I think Dad role can improve if he adopts the following ways.

Continue reading

The Changing Role Of Father Nowadays.!

Fathers make an impact in all facets of their children’s lives – including academic success.

In the 21st century, the role of ‘father’ has changed. It’s safe to say that most people do not expect fathers to take on the role of sole breadwinner, primary disciplinarian or take a backseat to mothers when it comes to raising children.  Today’s dads have become very involved in their children’s lives and are making a significant difference in many areas – including the realm of education. Continue reading