How Children Deals With Parents Separation

Relationship breakdown can be one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life. It is often a time when you may experience confusion, sadness and anger with high levels of conflict. For some, these emotions can continue for a period of time, while for others, an acceptance that the relationship has ended occurs very quickly and the healing process commences. Sadly, our children can be the ones most impacted by the end of a relationship.

Children react to separation in different ways. The way your children will react depends on many factors including:

  • Family relationships before separation
  • Your children’s ages and personalities
  • How both parents manage the situation

These tips are designed to help separating couples to minimize any impact on their children. While you may cease to be a partner, you never cease to be a parent.

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Parents,Children,Physical Punishment ! Not Acceptable

Suggestion to ban the physical punishment of children inevitably meet with arguments that parents should have the right to discipline their children as they see fit without state interference. Such claims perpetuate perceptions of children as parents’ possessions without rights to the dignity and respect afforded to adults in a civilised society.
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Parent Guide to Help Kids Against Bullying

Parents face many challenges in raising their children to be safe, happy, well adjusted and able to deal with conflict and frustrations in non-violent and effective ways. Many parents are concerned about the amount of violence children are exposed to – at school, on the television, in video games, and in their communities.
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Sibling Issues Between Brothers & Sisters

 Sibling relationships are important. The emotional ties between siblings are often described as second only to the ties between children and parents . Sibling relationships are often longer than any other relationships within the family, and it is here that brothers and sisters develop self-identity, social skills, companionship and mutual support.
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Strong Marriages : Healthy Babies

Having a baby is typically an eagerly anticipated and joyous event for both husbands and wives. Raising children, however, especially during the first year, can be an entirely different matterm
, researchers have consistently found that over 80 percent of parents experienced moderate to severe crisis in their relationship after the birth of their first child.
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Parent Child Relationship Out of Balance

Successful parents move gradually to a sort of “automatic pilot” style of caretaking. Their children learn to regulate their own behavior, generally make good decisions without parental interference and ask for help only when they need it.
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