What are the Chores for Kids?

Chores for Toddlers

It’s never too early to begin, but let’s be realistic. Do not expect a toddler to do any “chore” on his own, but you can gently encourage his helping spirit. Here’s how: Continue reading


How To Get Kids To Do Chores

My older daughter  is about to eight, and I really believe that she is at the age where she can contribute to the family with her “skills.” So, what can an eight-year-old do? endless! Continue reading

Why So Angry?


girlWhy do so many children get angry so often? Kids are getting furious even about little things like having to pick up their toys or not getting a Popsicle. These blowups are coming from kids who are ages 3, 4, 5, and older. These are children who we expected to have outgrown tantrums. Although some deeply angry children may need professional counseling, that’s not the case with the majority of now-common anger. It’s a side effect of today’s most popular parenting practice. Continue reading

Stages of Pregnancy (Weeks 28-38)

At 28th week of stages of pregnancy week by week, if the baby is a male, his testes begin descending at this point of time. At 29th week baby’s red blood cells start to form. There is incredibly fast general improvement. At 30th week of pregnancy she can maintain her body temperature.
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When kids don’t meet parent expectations

“My daughter told me he got an 86% on his Math test. She was somewhat proud of himself, however I looked at him and said, “You didn’t try hard enough.”

She got quite angry and said, “Isn’t 86 good enough for you?”

I know she’s really good at math and if she had tried harder she could have got a 90 or more.
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