Becoming a Dream Child, Its Possible !

Becoming a dream child is somewhat important to some children who don’t think they can live up to their parents’ standards. Here are some advice and tips on how to become that dream child. It is best if you are doing this for your own sake, not to be better than a sibling or for the sake of your parents.

  1. Love your parents unconditionally. This means loving your parents, and family for that matter, no matter what they do to you. When they get mad at you for something you’ve done, it’s all right to feel a bit mad, but it’s not okay to say to yourself, I hate my mother/father… You must always love them in any situation.
  2. Obey your parents. Have you ever heard the saying “Father knows best”? Well it’susually true. No matter how much you think you’re right, usually your parent is right.Realize this, you are only a child, they have much more experience than you, and they are probably doing it to protect you. But it’s hard realizing when you are arguing with your parents. Write this on your hand or wrist: “Work before play, theirs before mine, they know best.” This will usually help you remember to do what they say.
  3. Not always yours. If you really want a toy or something, and your parents say no, don’t beg for it, ask this, “What can I do to work for it?” Make sure you say work, they will realize you are a bit more mature. But you must complete the task they give you to get it, don’t just talk the talk.
  4. Act older. This is what makes a good child, growing up early and be mature. This doesn’t mean stop playing with toys and take up chess, enjoy your life as a kid, but you need to be mature as well.
    • Think before you speak: This means before you tell your mom/dad that they’re stupid, or don’t know what they are talking about, think about that. Do you know how to do half the things your parents know how to do? Like change oil in a car, orbalance a checkbook, or file taxes, or all those grown up things? Probably not. So before you speak something rude, make sure you know what you’re getting into.
    • Accept consequences: If your parents tell you to go to your room because you talked back, accept it, don’t argue, because chances are, you’re wrong, and they’re right. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. They are just trying to teach you skills you need to grow up.
    • Listening: You need to listen, listen, listen. Instead of throwing a tantrum, listen to what they have to say, and don’t be stubborn to accept it. Think about it.
  5. Learn well. Make sure you do a little bit of studying every night to get your schoolwork in your head. Make sure to write down everything in an agenda. Try and aim for a B+ or higher in every class.
  6. Read a lot, your parents will love this as it will make you seem smarter and will also improve your English grades at school! The bigger the books the better!
  • Spend time with both parents daily, making sure they know you love them.
  • Show your schoolwork to your parents on a daily basis, and don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

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