What are the Chores for Kids?

Chores for Toddlers

It’s never too early to begin, but let’s be realistic. Do not expect a toddler to do any “chore” on his own, but you can gently encourage his helping spirit. Here’s how: Continue reading


How To Get Kids To Do Chores

My older daughter  is about to eight, and I really believe that she is at the age where she can contribute to the family with her “skills.” So, what can an eight-year-old do? endless! Continue reading

Effects of Nutrition In Development & Learning in School-age Kids

Without a doubt, food can directly affect the way a child learns, feels and thinks. After all, a child is more likely to be alert and ready to learn after eating a protein-packed salad versus devouring a deep-fried chicken patty — with fries, of course. Nutrition has long been identified as a critical component to learning and development at any age; allowing kids to skip breakfast, eat fat-laden lunches and snack on cheese puffs after school can seriously affect the way they think, learn and process. Continue reading

Tips & Advice For Women Who Are Pregnant

Make sure to view your doctor ahead of getting expectant. Not merely does this support establish a healthy start to your prenatal care in the event you turn out to be expecting a baby, it also enables your health care provider to examine for almost any circumstances that may demand specific proper care, or more serious, uncover conditions that might make being pregnant hazardous.
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Stages of Pregnancy (Weeks10-18)

At week 10th, baby loses her little tail. At 11th week, the lady starts growing finger nails. At 12th week you can listen to her heartbeat with ultrasound. Stages of pregnancy week by week, at the 13th week, Teeth buds start to form. At 14th week Baby urinates into the amniotic fluid.
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