Secondary Infertility ! Do You Know the Facts?

You’re not the only one. It’infertility 2s not uncommon for couples to go from fertile to not-so-fertile over the course of a few years,In fact, 12 percent of U.S. women are experiencing secondary infertility, which is about the same rate of women facing primary infertility, according to the most recent National Survey of Family Growth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Continue reading


Things You Need To Know About Secondary Infertility !

How Common is Secondary Infertility?

Getting pregnant the first time was no problem, but now that you’re ready for baby number two, it’s just not happening. What gives? It could be secondary infertility, the technical term for the inability to have a child after successfully conceiving your first one. But don’t let the term scare you: a couple who has previously had a baby together almost always faces better odds than a couple who’s never been able to conceive. Time is of the essence Continue reading

Tips & Advice For Women Who Are Pregnant

Make sure to view your doctor ahead of getting expectant. Not merely does this support establish a healthy start to your prenatal care in the event you turn out to be expecting a baby, it also enables your health care provider to examine for almost any circumstances that may demand specific proper care, or more serious, uncover conditions that might make being pregnant hazardous.
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