What are the Chores for Kids?

Chores for Toddlers

It’s never too early to begin, but let’s be realistic. Do not expect a toddler to do any “chore” on his own, but you can gently encourage his helping spirit. Here’s how: Continue reading


Common Behavioral Problems in Toddlers

Lets start with an example
A 5 year old girl  is brought to the pediatrician’s office with a chief complaint of temper tantrums. Her mother is frustrated and explains that She kicks and screams anytime she doesn’t get her way.
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Activities (Dad with their toddlers)

Dad and kid

Sometimes, dads need a little help in coming up with things they can do with their toddlers. But the time you spend bonding with your toddler can go a long way toward your relationship together.

Here are some ideas for games and activities dads can do with their toddlers.

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