Less Sleep, More Behavioral Issues in Kids

Four-year-olds with shorter than average sleep times have more behaviour problems, exhibiting aggression and throwing tantrums, a new study has found.
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How To Deal With Your Kids Tantrums

We’ve all witnessed a child (sometimes our own) in full meltdown mode, as well as the tantrum that inevitably accompanies it.

kid tantrum pic

It can happen anywhere — like the grocery store checkout line — at any time. All you really want to do is quickly end the fit so your child calms down.

As  firsthand parents gets puzzled as to how to respond to tantrums — especially given how much misinformation there is about why children throw fits.

What is a tantrum?

There is a huge misconception that tantrums are your toddler’s attempt to manipulate you into getting what he or she wants. While this might be true in a very small number of cases, I can assure you that
developmentally, your toddler isn’t cognitively sophisticated enough to intentionally manipulate you.

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