How to Develop Reading Habit in Kids

Kids are willing to spend long hours watch their favorite program but they have no time to spend on reading and they make excuses fir not reading .Most Frequent are ;

– Oh I forgot to complete my homework, can I read later?

– Oops, I just remembered some project that I have to finish for school!

– When I read I feel sleepy!

– Why don’t you read it for me?
To develop reading skills in kids , first of all parents need to create an interest in kids for reading and that’s not going to happen as easily and quickly as expected .Today’s parent like myself would need to out some special efforts to develop the reading skills in kids.

Factors that fail to develop reading skills in kids

Following are some of the factors that effect the reading skills in kids;

– Lack of Interest

– Lack of ability to focus

– Lack of Concentration

– Excessive TV Watching

– Endless hours of Video and Computer games

– Lack of active involvement by parents

– Lack of ability to understand

– Delay in Speaking during Younger age

Importance of developing reading skills in Kids

To develop reading skills in kids, first we need to know why is it so important to develop reading skills in children. Reading skills play a very important role in a kid’s life right from his young age.

1. Reading skills helps in the development of the language skill in children.

2. Reading skills improve academic performance.

3. Reading skills also help in enhancing their knowledge and enriches their lives.

4. Reading skills help develop kid’s other social skills.

5. Reading skills improve hand-eye co-ordination in kids.

6. Reading skills help improve confidence and self-esteem in kids.

7. Reading skills opens new world of knowledge and information for kids.

8. Reading skills can be a fun filled activity and offer lot of enjoyment.

Reading out Session can help develop reading skills in kids

Reading out books for children nowadays is a lesser followed trend. We don’t hear much of such activities carried by parents or grandparents. Earlier with joint families, kids would enjoy such healthier session with their grandparents. But nowadays with the nuclear families and hectic work schedules parents don’t get to spend such qualitative time with their kids. But to develop the reading skills of kids, parents need to carry out such reading sessions for kids.

This can be done daily or once a week just to develop a interest in the kids for reading. What parents can do is read out books, any books which kids find interesting. These books could be fairy tales or adventure stories or even an e-book which is a nowadays trend.

A Read out Session can be part of a Bedtime Routine or a weekend activity when any parent and kids sit and read out books and create interest in kids. Kids can have a small talk session after the parent finishes reading the book. Parents can also ask the kids to readout stories for them very often. This will slowly develop reading skills in kids.
Learning to read at an early age helps develop reading skills in kids
If a parent is able to create interest for reading in kids at a very young age then their work is almost done. Kids of the age group 3 – 6 show interest in many activities and always wish to learn more. This the ideal time when a kid enjoys healthy reading sessions and also develops interest and focus in reading.

Start giving out colorful books which are readily available in stores or book shops and allow the kid to explore himself. There are many books available in stores nowadays which are small and have big fonts and colorful pictures. Such books come in series of stories and kids enjoy reading them.

Active Involvement from parents help develop reading skills in kids

Kids often imitate their parents and if parents don’t show any interest in reading, then kids too fail to develop interest in reading. Hence its parents who should play their part very well. Parents should show active involvement in reading and help the kids to develop their reading skills. What a parent can do is as mentioned earlier start a readout session where apart from reading out books a parent can just read his own book and ask the kid to read his own.

Seeing such interest from parents and getting to spend some time with them encourages kids to read and develop reading skills. Parents can discuss about the books they read and tell them which book interest them. Parents can also ask kids for their opinion about books and about their favorite books. Parents can also help build their vocabulary and also teach them how to use Dictionary. If parents continue to actively participate and involve in kids reading session, then kids would definitely enjoy reading books which in turn will help develop reading skills in kids.

Discouraging kids from playing video and computer games helps develop reading skills in kids

Research has suggested that kids who are more explored to video games or computer games hamper their reading skills. Video games and computer games deprive kids from the existing realities of life and play with their brains. Such kids academically perform very poorly and score less in reading and writing. Hence kids shouldn’t be allowed too much of video games and computer games.

There should be restricted timings as one possibly can’t keep kids away from them. But restricted timings help in minimizing such activities and kids get more time to explore reading and developing reading skills. The same applies to excessive TV watching. Violent cartoon shows and unrealistic programs hamper child’s development and curb their ability to read better.


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