Things Dad Do Better…!

Moms are always thought of as a default parent. They are the one’s who care, feed, nurture and protect children. It is called motherly instinct, and it is hardwired in every mom’s brain. It is seen that everybody feels a stronger bond towards his/her mother than father. This is true even in case of animals. 
Dads have always been blamed for being clueless, when it comes to parenting. But in some instances they have been so great that they have outdone moms. Their way of exposing the child to the outer world and giving him the courage to get up and fight back, is the real parenting style of a dad. It is rightly said that anybody can be a father, but it is very difficult to be a dad. A father is one who gives his name to the child, but a dad is someone who teaches him the ways of dealing with life. In other words, a dad is someone who makes sure that his child stays true to his father’s name. INVOLVE IN SPORTS

They have the strength to play rough with the kids. Playful fights, punches and throw-catch games are their favorites. In kids, this inculcates fighting spirit and the habit of meeting challenges head on. They also learn to play within set boundaries, develop physical skills, and develop confidence to solve problems on their own. While playing, when dads try to keep the ball out of the kid’s reach and the child tries to reach for it, it helps develop patience and perseverance in kids. They know that they cannot go mad and lose their temper with dad, so they have to keep trying and enjoying the game.STRETCHING KIDS LIMITS

Helicopter parent’ is the term used for a parent who is over-protective of his kid. While a little caring and protecting is normal, too much of it would deprive the kid of the fun of learning from his own mistakes. Dads are much more daring, when it comes to allowing children to have some fun. They let kids take the leap and if they fall, dads would kiss them, tend to them, and prepare them for the next leap. They make sure that they are present around the corner with a watchful eye, but they never interfere every now and then, unlike moms who fret at the very sight of danger.


If the kid has picked up an argument with someone, dads will usually not interfere and let the kids sort it out on their own. But he will make sure that there is no abusing, or name calling, or violence. We cannot call it ignorance, but fathers have this knack for letting little things go, without making a mountain out of a molehill. When it comes to dressing up the kids, dads are again termed as ignorant. They do not think much about the ‘which-shoes-to-match-with-the-hair-band’ routine, that moms usually go through when they are dressing up their little’ princesses. They leave out the details thinking, as long as it is keeps the kid warm and covered, it doesn’t matter.


When dads teach a new thing to the kids, after sometime, they disengage themselves and let the kids takeover. They stand next to the kid, while the kid does the job. If the kid requires help, they will support in a shoulder-to-shoulder manner rather than a heart-to-heart emotional way. And if the kid successfully completes the task at hand or plays the game well, they will truly appreciate it. Out of personal experience, I can say that there is nothing in this world that can boost your confidence and self-esteem, than a few words of appreciation from dad. I’m not saying that a mom’s appreciation is any less, but when you listen to such words from your dad, the experience is something of higher order.KEEPING EMOTION & DISCIPLINE SEPARATE

Dads see the world with clear practical vision. They know the consequences, and see the rational side of the equation. They can analyze things rather than become emotional about them. I’m not saying that moms are bad at it, but they are more inclined towards peacekeeping. Mothers are hardwired in a way that makes them more emotional. Kids who have enjoyed their time with their fathers, in their growing years, tend to become good thinkers and problem-solvers. They develop a solid self-image and can resist giving in to peer pressure, in a better way. They also develop longer attention spans which eventually helps them in their academic years.In summation, I can only say that there are some things about which a man has instinctual information, and then there are other things about which a woman has instinctual information. Nature has made it that way! We can never debate on the ‘Who is the better parent?’ topic. But Yes! Dads do have a special place in our heart which nobody can replace.


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