Missing Taking Care of Dad!

I miss taking care of my Dad.  He was in pretty bad shape for quite a while toward the end and required lots of care.  It was at this time of his life that he said one of the most memorable and flattering things he ever said to me. With all of the anguish and frustration and physical pain he endured, he told me that he feels safe when I’m around.Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could eliminate most of the negative emotions, so we could just focus on whatever rewarding and positive moments we can share with our loved one at this juncture of his or her life? There is a way. The proper long term care planning a can prevent a crisis management scenario and encourage a loving care giving environment.

As we look around our friends and family we notice that we are soo busy in our own lives and growing up that we somehow neglect that our fathers are getting old.He has spend his whole life taking care of us when we need the most in our childhood.This is when we realized that once we became a father. I sometimes think our father is very important to us they need someone to take care of them and share their work burden with them.

The truth of the matter is I always felt safe when he was around.


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