Dad Activities With His Kids

Being a dad meaning taking care of family and kids and the support them in best possible way.Sometimes it take more time and energy but remember that Dads must spare some time for his kids and involved them in activities which make moments with their kids memorable and worth living 

Activities Dad can do with the kids to give Mom time alone.

Big Times (outings)

  • Take them to the park.
  • Take them to a nature center.
  • Take them to a lake or beach area.
  • Take them to a museum.
  • Ride bikes in the country with them.
  • Take them on a mini field trip.
  • Go on a hike with them.
  • Go swimming with them.
  • Take them to the library reading time.
  • Play tennis with them.
  • Take them to special events.
  • Take them to seasonal festivals.

Little Times (innings)

  • Read books to them.
  • Play a game with them.
  • Throw a ball or shoot baskets with them.
  • Take a walk around the block with them.
  • Teach them something.
  • Clean up the yard together.
  • Make a tent with them.
  • Build something with them.
  • Give them “driving” lessons.
  • Play table tennis with them.
  • Overhaul bicycles (clean, tighten, etc.) together.

Every child needs individual time with Dad. Plan regular times to take each child on a “date” to be together and talk about life.

  • Go out for breakfast, child’s choice of restaurant, even if it’s the donuts shop. Go as early as possible to make it more special.
  • Go to a favorite park, playground, or outdoor area. Take a picnic meal or snack. Play and talk.
  • With sons, plan an overnight camp out. With daughters, plan a dress up night out for dinner.
  • Take them for a special shopping trip.

Spend time with kids and make your life worth living


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