How to teach kids to Think Positive

Positive_ThinkingTeaching your child to have a positive outlook to life can be a rewarding experience. A positive outlook helps the child in facing adversities of life. A positive person is able to overcome any situation and thus finds happiness.

The best gift you can give your children is to teach them to have a positive outlook of situations. Life is full of difficulties and hardships, and your children will no doubt face adversities at some point of time. Whether your child looks at things in a positive or negative light makes a world of difference to the way he copes with the situations.Many parents spend nights worrying about their children’s future. Will they be successful? Will they marry the right people? Have we provided enough for their education? Do they have adequate security? Will they do well in their exams? Will they enter the college of their choice? Will their health be fine? Do they eat enough?

The worries will never end. However, one worry that hardly ever seems to enter a parent’s mind is – will our child have a positive outlook?
Picture this: Two friends get great jobs with multinational salaries. Just when things seem to be going great for them, they get laid off. The economy crashes, and in the current situation they cannot seem to find any suitable job. One friend gets extremely frustrated, stays up night after night worrying about when he will find another job, and finally gets something that pays him less than his previous salary. He accepts the job, but keeps grumbling about his salary, keeps comparing it with his previous job, and gradually his discontent turns to misery and manifests itself in his work. Before long becomes just another mediocre worker and gets passed over time and again for a promotion. He starts complaining about the management, the government, and generally blames the entire world for his problems. He hates everyone, and everyone dislikes him. He takes voluntary retirement, and no one is sorry to see him go.

His friend too was upset at being fired, but didn’t waste any time worrying about it. He sent out his resume to various companies, and took up a public speaking course in the meanwhile to improve his skills. He also took up a bartending course to learn something that was new and fun, and that would divert his attention away from his situation. He too finally got a job that paid him less, but was happy that he finally landed a job in such a bad economy. He put his heart and soul into his job, and was an excellent worker. He also volunteered to be the bartender at all office parties and picnics, and before long endeared himself to all his colleages and management. He got promotion after promotion, and retired as the managing director of the company.

Just as different things give different people happiness, so also some people find happiness easier than others. Some people can stay happy, positive and find joy out of life even when things don’t go their way, while others simply cannot find the strength to move on. They give up and sink into depression, or become harsh, critical people finding fault with everything and everyone. They start hating those more successful than them, get jealous and envious easily, and pass on their negativity to their children.

The importance of being a positive person can never be underestimated. What we as parents need to do is to teach our kinds that life doesn’t always work the way we want it to, but if we stay positive, we can find the strength to move on, or even find happiness in the present undesirable situation.


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