Positive Parenting Solutions

It’s just another busy day  around five o’clock in the afternoon and Mom is walking in the door after a long day at work to see her teen and school aged children sitting on the couch watching a movie. There are dishes all over the kitchen counters, empty chip bags on the coffee table, and their school bags just dropped at the back door. Mom is either accustomed to it, in denial of it, or she will soon blow. In any case, this is not a circumstance that will have a happy conclusion no matter what you opt to do for discipline. I mean, I know this would not happen in your family, however if it did, you would have to put your foot down, right?

Here are some Positive Parenting Solutions You Can Use that Will Guarantee Your Children and Teenagers Self-Discipline, Responsibility .

Create a team approach for your child or teenager regarding their chores at home. Yes, it is your home with your rules and if you like what is going on today with your children then keep doing exactly what you’re currently doing.If you would like to see more favorable results with your children or teen, you will need to acknowledge and utilize what is referred to as their fuel, and your ammo, your “why.” Establishing  why exists to help your child be inspired to finish their jobs and discover essential life skills.  It creates a team approach to an effectively run household. You could constantly make sure you have the proper motivator by paying attention to exactly what they ask you for and by observing which things are very important to them. As a team, everyone wins when the chores get done. They get the things and privileges they want and you get the clean house you want.

 State your expectations clearly with your child or teenager: Have a discussion with your child about exactly what your arrangement is with them. Confirm this by asking them to repeat back to you what the agreement is. Ensure they know that how their completed tasks has a concrete effect on outcome. For instance, you expect when you arrive home from work that their school bags are put away, the dishwasher emptied and the living room tidied up before you arrive at 5pm.   The outcome is,  they earn dinner, or they then earn a good dinner, or they earn a very, very, very good dinner. In other words how all tasks are completed determine what kind of dinner they will have. Yes, you need to supply food however you don’t have to supply butter on the veggies, or steak with their salad and bread, because, well, that is definitely a privilege. Benefits are always earned in three areas: bare minimum, ordinary and outstanding. Impressive work earns impressive meals!!!

Teach the skill first: See to it you have taken the time to teach them detailed ways to do every task you ask of your child; teach them over and over once again until they finish the job to your expectations. Do not presume your child understands what you suggest when you ask them to straighten their room, load the dishwashing machine or even put their clothes into the laundry container.

 Follow through: This is the toughest part about living and working with children and also the most important part. Adhere to your part of the arrangement by making them always earn the benefits in their life. By following through consistently, you develop a stronger bond of trust,  respect and cooperation from your child and it teaches them how to become persons of integrity.

Stick to these simple but effective positive parenting methods and you will see a favorable result with your children or teenager each time you have a job to be done. This works!


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