How To IdentifyTantrums In Kids

Toddlers are a literal force of nature who confound even the most calm and prepared. But there’s a silver lining to these flop-and-flail-filled years: Just as kids can quickly slip into anger and sadness, so can they slip out of them.

The average tantrum lasts about three minutes, according to research. That’s why, shortly after a tantrum, your kid is back to playing as if nothing happened, while you’re still quaking from the event a half hour later. His immature PFC (that mushy part responsible for social cues) allows him to move on without dwelling on past hurts. “Toddlers can transition from sad to happy and from angry to calm incredibly easily,”.So enjoy that post-freak-out cuddle, and gird yourself for the next round.

The Life of a Tantrum

A minute-by-minute breakdown of what happens when your tot blows his top.

0 SEC.

Uh-oh. Grocery-store meltdown in aisle 3.

30 SEC.

Foot stomping by this point means it will be a short one.

90 SEC.

Screaming and kicking: His anger has reached its peak.

3.5 MIN.

And just like that, it’s over. He’s now looking for comfort.

6 MIN.

Wow. He’s acting like nothing ever happened.

10 MIN.

If his fits always last this long, talk to your doc.


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