Stages of Pregnancy (Weeks 28-38)

At 28th week of stages of pregnancy week by week, if the baby is a male, his testes begin descending at this point of time. At 29th week baby’s red blood cells start to form. There is incredibly fast general improvement. At 30th week of pregnancy she can maintain her body temperature.

At 31st week, her beautiful little eyes respond to light. At 32nd week of pregnancy  Baby becomes gradually heavier – she is almost 1.5kgs. At 33rd week, her tiny lungs enlarge enough to be able to function. At 34th  week,the hormones in the placenta begin to develop the software to produce milk in your breasts.

At 35th week, her vital functions are developing now and at 36th week she practices breathing exercises while still inside you. At 37th week , she struggles to stay patient and stay put in her little nest.

At 38th week steadily, her immune system is budding well and ready to get into the world. That’s all the stages of pregnancy week by week.


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