Stages of Pregnancy (Weeks19- 27)

Stages of pregnancy week by week at 19th week, hairs grow all over her small body. At 20th week, you can see image of your baby inside, with ultrasound.

At 21st week most babies go into the head-down position at this time. At 22th week, she gets shapely eyebrows.

At 23rd week, Baby’s body produces its first stool. At 24th week, Baby is growing really fast and is almost completely developed .At 25th week; her weight is about 1 pound and 9 ounces. At 26th week baby has been bare to her inside sights and sounds. However from now on, she can react to external lights and sounds.

At 27th week, your little angel’s skin is quite transparent and her veins stand out incredibly clearly.


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