Parenting Your Kids to Love Learning

Your 4-year-old is full of energy, talkative and curious. He’s eager to show you what he can do. You and he will both be excited by his accomplishments. He constantly tests his environment and will waffle between feelings of security and insecurity. He may also be a bossy little tyke who makes up stories. You will experience emotional highs and lows with this age and each day will be a new challenge for both of you.

“Parents can best encourage their 4-year-olds to love learning by providing lots of natural learning moments. For young children, the best learning is often done through play. Get rid of the battery-operated toys and shut off the TV. Set aside times for arts and crafts, singing songs, reading and creative, hands-on play.”

“Capitalize on what they love and incorporate it into playtime. Does your child love flowers? Plant a garden together. Chart the growth of the flowers. Draw pictures of the garden and label the different types of flowers you planted. Doing so will encourage a love of learning and teach them that learning is indeed fun!”

Give your kids specific tasks
“Early childhood is a crucial time and can make or break a child’s love of learning. As a parent, I try to provide wonderful opportunities for learning and I know it is very important for my 4-year-old kid to receive encouragement from both of us. Children at this stage are looking for purpose. I try to give my daughter opportunities to be independent and practice real skills that have meaning.”

“Children at this stage are looking for purpose.”
“I have made it a point to teach her how to make her bed, set the table and give her other tasks that demonstrate to her that what she knows and learns has an impact on our family.

We try to choose schools and teachers that bring out the best in all of our children and make a conscious effort to reflect those learning techniques at home.”
This is a critical age for building self-esteem. Let your preschooler know you’re proud of his learning. Providing a warm supportive environment is the key. As your child discovers that learning is fun, he will be self-motivated.

Your 4-year-old is building a foundation for school days which are coming sooner than you think. You want that foundation to be strong and filled with exciting learning opportunities that your child will embrace.


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