Behavior of kids at 4 years

Your 4-year-old is full of energy, talkative and curious. He’s eager to show you what he can do. You and he will both be excited by his accomplishments.

He constantly tests his environment and will waffle between feelings of security and insecurity. He may also be a bossy little tyke who makes up stories. You will experience emotional highs and lows with this age and each day will be a new challenge for both of you.

Each child is different and what one child does at 4 might be quite different from another. However there are some benchmarks that you will find your 4-year-old reaching this year.

4-year-old developmental milestones
Social skills for 4-year-olds

Shows more independence 
Able to brush his teeth and get dressed by himself
Demanding but also eagerly cooperative
May be rude, or even tell you to shut up 
The more you emotionally react, the more he will misbehave
Wants to be liked and to please his friends and perhaps has a best friend which could be of either sex
Knows about everyday things like food, money and appliances and the concept of time

Has little sense of ownership — Possession means he views all things as his
Has learned sympathy and sadness when someone or something is in

pain — that is what he wants when he is in the same situation
Has become aware of sexuality and has a natural curiosity about it
Shows a high degree of interest in singing, dancing and acting
Brims over with imaginative ideas
tries to distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality
May like telling “tall tales”

Motor skills for 4-year-olds
Jumps up and touches line 3 inches above standing reach
Hops forward on one foot
Uses an overhand toss to hit a target from 5 feet
Throws small ball underhand 10 feet
Loves movement — climbing, swinging, somersaulting and skipping
enjoys writing, painting, modeling, cutting, pasting and building structures

Draws a circle, square and sometimes triangle
Hand-drawn pictures will contain all of the essential elements like eyes, nose and mouth — although they won’t look like people to you

Language skills for 4-year-olds
Can count to 10 or more
Can name at least four colors
Has a vocabulary of more than 1,000 words
Puts together sentences of four or five words
Asks the most questions of any age
Enjoys using the four letter words he has heard and particularly enjoys the look on your face when he says them — don’t overreact!


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