Expectations from kids with special needs

There are  kids who aren’t perfect in a world that’s preoccupied with perfection.
Parents need to let go of the expectations of the reality of who their children are

And also use laughter as a healthy coping mechanism. And when that fails, you can drink wine.

It’s never making fun of children. It’s making fun of the perfection standards of our society today and how ridiculous they are

It is believed that laughter is the best medicine.

It teach us to appreciate the things in life that other people take for granted, So when one of our children accomplishes something that might seem small to someone else, we know and understand the gravity of it.

And when that happens, they say it’s important for parents to brag about their imperfect child.

Letting go of the expectations and loving their children for who they are.

And just being honest, because we do have issues.


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