Setting Kids Expectations How & What?

Setting expectations for your children at home and following up on those expectations is a great way to build responsibility.
What are some things that must be done around your home? Make a list. Which of those things can your child do or help you do? Keep separate, but short, lists for each person at home.

Talk about these chores with your child. If he doesn’t know how to do some of the things on the list, show him. Then praise him for his efforts.

Suppose she can only do the job half right in the beginning. That’s okay. Praise her for the part done well and show her how to finish.

Keep the job lists displayed where everyone can read them. Suppose someone wants to trade jobs. No problem, as long as everyone involved agrees.

What is being accomplished through all this?

You are helping build responsibility in your child.
You are helping build positive self-esteem and, therefore, higher motivation.

You are setting expectations with your child.
You are spending time talking to and listening to your child.
You are building a discipline system which is positive rather than negative.


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