Spending time with Dad good for teen self-esteem

In two-parent families, the mother’s role as caregiver is so scripted that her involvement can easily go unnoticed and unacknowledged. Meanwhile, kids whose fathers spend one-on-one time with them “may develop higher general self-worth because their fathers go beyond social expectations to devote undivided attention to them.”

Also, time with dad often involves “joking, teasing, and other playful interactions,” the study says. “Fathers, as compared to mothers, were more involved in leisure activities” and had more “peer-like interaction” with their children, which is “crucial for youth social development

There’s also the possibility that time with dad goes hand-in-hand with self-esteem for another reason: Some fathers may be more “drawn to” their children who “have higher self-worth and social competence. They point to another study that found dads are more affected by their kids’ personalities than moms are in how they parent.

So in some cases, dads spending more time with certain kids may be the result of the kids being more social — not the cause of it. “This doesn’t mean that mothers aren’t important!”, “The youth in this sample were in general well-adjusted, suggesting that there were good things going on in their families on the whole.” Another previous study found that children who spent more one-on-one time with their mothers were less often depressed; that correlation was not there with fathers.

Spend reasonably amount of time with the kids, not really threatened by this as a mother. and all homes are unique. quality rather than quantity matters. 
                                                 FATHERS MATTER TOO..!. 


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