Spending Quality Time with Kids

the dads who really get it when it comes to being there for their kids—are not talking about quality time. They know that it doesn’t usually work to schedule quality time. Most often, the quality time is unexpected—it just happens when you’re practicing a sport, riding in the car or eating a meal together, investing quantity time in the relationship with your kids.

 It’s difficult for them to give their kids a lot of time, so with the time they do have, they want to make sure it’s meaningful. And when kids hear that phrase, they could easily get the message that they aren’t worth more than five or ten minutes of their father’s day.

. Those  little conversations often occur when a father and child are just “hanging out.” And in either case, those moments can’t happen unless we’ve built a strong relationship during the everyday, unstructured times during day-to-day life.what time with you is not quality time? They don’t make that distinction. Spending an hour shooting baskets, or building a Lego castle, or working on a geometry homework assignment with your child may not seem like a big deal to you. But your kids cherish those moments.

To be clear: you can and should plan special events and activities with your children. But connecting with them is more about investing quantity time and making a quality effort by giving them your full attention as often as you can. Make the most of your opportunities to connect with them whether you’re fishing or fixing dinner together, whether you’re playing laser tag or playing Candy land for the tenth time that day. That’s when the so-called “quality” moments are more likely to happen.

Dad, invest your time and energy to be the father your children need. That’s a daddy’s calling and privilege.


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