Child Development

Our philosophy is built on years of child development research which shows that while each child is “pre-wired” with certain traits, temperament and abilities, it’s the interaction with their environment, especially their parents, which ultimately determines how these characteristics are manifested as they grow and develop into competent adults.

Development is the result of “transactions” between the child and his/her environment.  Each transaction results in new learning which results in the development of skills and traits.  The right frequency, quality and intensity of interactions between children and their environment will result in each child reaching his or her full potential.

If you have ever observed the progress of a major building project, you have seen that scaffolding is put up first and is used to provide support while the structure is being built.  As the project reaches each stage of completion, the scaffolding is gradually removed as the building can support itself. 

 The parent’s role in child development is to provide the scaffolding for their child and gradually remove it as the child attains skills and abilities while they move from one developmental stage to another.


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