Good sibling relationship

Do your children have a good sibling relationship? Or are they more likely to fight than enjoy each other’s company

Whatever siblings’ age differences, personality traits, or gender, the fact is that the quality of their sibling bonds can matter a great deal. Research has shown that sibling relationships often play a major role in how we will interact in other relationships with friends, romantic partners, and others later in life.

Parents can play a key role in helping nurture a good sibling relationship and reduce sibling rivalry and conflict. By encouraging activities that foster teamwork, setting kids up to have fun together, and giving kids the tools to work out conflicts in a constructive and respectful manner, parents can help siblings develop a good relationship that will carry them through the rest of their lives. Here’s how.

1. Do not compare your children with each other
2. Try to suss out what’s behind the sibling conflicts
3. Have them work on chores or a project as a team.
4. Teach them to appreciate their differences.
5. Encourage good listening skills.
6. Teach them to respect each other.
7. Show them how to disagree respectfully
8. Have fun together as a family
9. Emphasize what family bonds really mean.

If we implent the above mentiined simple rules between our siblings then it would be a great help in shaping their behaviour towards each other and develop a strong bond with each other.


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