Kids behaviour with each other

Kids behavior with each other is an important as pact in their development . As per my observations, the kids react differently after the birth of their younger siblings,the sister-sister relationship, brother-brother and brother-sister relationship has a noticeable impact on their personalities . The concert level with the same sex is more the win the opposite sex e,g brother is more attached to his brother the. With sister and vice verse . This is in the case of two kids .

But in case of more then two kids it is a game of majority . Two sisters with be more attached to each other as with the brother and vice versa
As a parent it is our duty to maintain the balance between the kids in such cases. Following things can be adopted

1.Always play a mutual part in case of disputes between kids between brothers and sisters

2.Teach your kids to communicate with each other more which helps in better understanding of the kids

3.Encourage your kids to resolve the issue in a non violent way like fighting and using improper languages.

4.Try to address the kids issues related to one another positively .

5. Do not give priority to kids (brother over sister) while handling disputes among them which will create a bad impact on kid’s behaviour


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