Kids development in early years

Image Kids are the beautiful gift for parents from God. Still we can’t deny that we mold their behaviors either on the brighter side or we can damage their personalities. Here we have 5 do and don’ts to keep in mind for their early years development. I am the wife of the creator of this blog, we have three beautiful kids. We had experience different phases, moods, behaviors, actions, reactions and developments in last almost eight years.

Self Awareness and Imagination In Kids      

self imaginationKids around 3 years till 6 years is that stage where the kids started to have imagination and get to know the world around them.This is the time when the kids are started to differentiate between the real world and the fantasy world the possibilities and the ever changing environment around them. As a parents following things are helpful for the kids during this time in their up bringing.

  • Encourage them in the best possible way to deal with the daily new challenges in their life
  • Discuss with them about their feeling and how to express them in best possible way
  • Your appreciation to kids for doing good work has an positive impact on their lives
  • They imagination should be dealt with positive approach but help them to separate reality from fantasy
  • Help and guide them in developing skills regarding outdoor activities and make them simple and fun

The “DOING ” Time in Kids

kids bz washinng1 kids bz washing2 kids work

The children aged starting after 5th month of the age and lasts for next few years, is the time for exploring things around him following things are helpful as a parent during that time.

  • Ignore the irritate behavior of the child keeping in mind their safety
  • distract their attention  or comfort them in best way possible to keep their mind busy
  • Do other household chores like shopping washing cleaning during the child nap times
  • Provide a safe lovely environment for the kids
  • Do not expect anything from kids of such a early age as they are in process of  developing their skills.

Dos and Don’ts

Do Stuff

    1. Try to Keep the children busy in different activities.
    2. Distract kids attention when they get destructive.
    3. Their imagination should be dealt in positive way.
    4. They should be encouraged.
    5. Encourage them to discuss their feelings regarding any matter.

Don’t Stuff

  1. Don’t expect more than their abilities.
  2. Don’t discourage them in any way.
  3. Never let the kid cross his/her limits
  4. Never leave the kid unattended while he is in destructive mood.
  5. Never ignore kids interests.

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